Chips 4 Light –
Your distributor for LED Chips!

We offer LED bare dice of renowned manufacturers in all wavelengths from UV (270 nm) to infrared (1650 nm) and white LED chips. We also offer small to medium quantities according to customer specification.

Chips 4 Light offers…

….various types of LED chips!

All wavelengths (270-1600 nm), including white LED chips.
Different chips sizes from 6 to 80 mil.
Different brightness.

…quantities and packing materials according to customer specification!

With our die sorter we sort your requested quantities from wafer on gel pack, waffle pack or blue foil.

…individual specification due to single chip measurement!

With our specifically developed measurement station we characterize each single LED chip.

Chips 4 Light works with a die sorter for LED dice in order to make small to medium quantities of LED chips available

With our die sorter we offer the possibility to get sample or small quantities. LED chips can be sorted according to the needed specification, some hundred to some thousand pieces can be made available.

We offer LED chips in comparison to LED components. We work project based and support our customers with solutions for optoelectronic components and customized developments.

We are ISO 9001 certified.
With our high-tech equipment we measure each single LED chip and can provide exact data.

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